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  Huihang Machinery has been abiding by the service concept of “prompt response, smooth communication, accuracy and efficiency, rationality and consideration”. We shall, upon receipt of customer requirement, contact out customers at the very first time to find out what their requirements are or the needed material composition, so that we could know more about the work site and other relevant information and help the customers to analyze and solve problems.
  Interact with customers and analyze customer requirements
  We shall interact with some customers by going to the preset work area, conducting sampling analysis on their ore materials, offering free sample analysis report, and carrying out feasibility research and analysis based on the local terrain.
  Design scheme according to customer requirements
  After fully acquaint ourselves with the customer’s production capacity, technical data of final products and the customer’s investment cost and budget, our highly experienced design team shall analyze the above information, carry out discussion and design, draw up the best production line and layout scheme according to customer’s specific conditions so that we can work out the most suitable and cost-effective production line and thus ensure the maximum profit for our customers.

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