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Paper-faced Gypsum Board Production Line

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  The specifications, types, prices for the gypsum plaster board production line are worked out in accordance with the product quality, output, material structure and other factors as required by customers. 
  Annual output: 2 million – 80 million sq. meters / year
  1. Reasonable design, perfect supporting facilities and reliable operation;
  2. Integrating production line design, manufacture, installation, debugging and production, we have cultivated a team of elites. Our products are characterized by low investment, quick plant establishment, low operation cost, high cost performance and other advantages.
  3. Adhere to the operation objective of customer success and development and to the philosophy of creating a bright future through long-term cooperation.
  A pioneer of China’s gypsum board machinery
  1) By introducing advanced foreign technology and integrating the advantages of other businesses, it has become the first manufacturer in the design and manufacture of gypsum board production line;
  2) The first Chinese manufacturer applying the conduction oil drying technology;
  3) The first Chinese manufacturer applying the technology of plate molding and automatic packaging;
  4) The first Chinese manufacturer applying the double plate cutting or three plates technology, which helps cut down the operation cost;
  Service descriptions
  Our company designates professional installation team to carry out on-site installation and debugging until qualified products have been manufactured;
  Provide spare and accessory parts on a long term basis and offer one year’s equipment warranty;
  Offer long-term technical consultation and service and solve various technical problems without delay;
  Act as agent for handling consignment and related procedures on import and export;
  Carry out the free supply of purchasing addresses and related information on various raw materials;
  Our project schedule is composed of such procedures as project examination and approval, processing set-up, civil construction,equipment selection, manufacture, installation, production, debugging and trial-production etc., which can be completed within 3 to 5 months.

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